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Titanic - The Musical, winner of *5* 1997 Tony Awards, opened at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in New York City on April 23, 1997 and gave it's final performance on March 28, 1999. It was a very emotional night even before the show started. These pictures were taken during the curtain call and speech of John Cunningham.

I would like to thank Joann for taking my camera and getting these wonderful shots.   There are over 25 of them, but I only included the photos that I thought showed the emotion the cast felt, for the closing of a musical they loved.

To the cast of Titanic, you gave us a wonderful musical, full of talent that can never be duplicated. Thank You!

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L-R : William Youmans, Victoria Clark, John Cunningham, Joseph Kolinski, Henry Stram,
Larry Keith, Alma Cuervo, Christine Long and Stephen R. Buntrock

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L-R: Stephen R. Buntrock, Stephanie Park, Don Stephenson, Danny Burstein,
Patrick Ryan Sullivan, Adam Pelty, John Cunningham and Aaron Paul

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L-R: Christopher Wells, Marla Schaffel, Mindy Cooper, John Bolton,
Scott, Bill Buell and Victoria Clark

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L-R: Bill Buell, Victoria Clark, Kimberly Hester, Paul Kandel, Mark Hardy,
William Youman, Caitlin Clark and Joseph Kolinski

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L-R: David Rossmer, Jennifer Piech, Matthew R. Jones, Christopher Wells,
Drew McVety, Marla Schafel, Mindy Cooper, John Bolton and Scott

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L-R: Victoria Clark, Kimberly Hester, Paul Kandel, Mark Hardy, William Youmans,
Catlin Clark, Joseph Kolinski and Henry Stram

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L-R: Mark Hardy, William Youmans, Catlin Clark, Joseph Kolinski,
Henry Stram, Larry Keith and Alma Cuervo

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PLEASE do not take any of these photos, they are from my personal photo collection.  Thank You!
Copyright 1999 - Closing Night Curtain Call Photos by Lady Phantom

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