Hello and welcome to my site!

When my friend Rachel offered to set up this web site for me I thought she was crazy (well she is crazy but that's another story :-) ). "who the heck would want to log on and find out about little ol’ me?", I thought. But after a little thought and a few beers I realized that Rach might have a point. This site would be a good way to get info on the web about upcoming cabaret gigs I might be doing and anything else that I would want to alert the masses to so that they could participate. So read on and please come and see me in whatever I may currently be doing...and hey! please come up and say "Hi!'.

Now as for all the other stuff on my site, the "let's review Scott's entire career" part, look if you want but aside from my Mom I can't imagine who would feel the need. If you do look please be kind about any weird hairstyles from the past...it's not fair that I can't look at all your geeky past photos too!!

Again thanks for taking a peek and hopefully I'll see you soon.


P.S. Hey! As long as you stopped by, sign my guestbook and say hello! I'd love to know that you were here!