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(And other good stuff)

I gave my camera to Scott to take backstage during the SF run.  He had these great photos taken with other cast members.

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          Matt Stocke (Charles Clark)


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Marcus Chait (Stoker Fred Barrett)


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Timothy Fitz-Gerald (Lookout Fred Fleet)


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Kay Walby (Ida Strauss)


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Joe Farrell (1st Officer Murdoch)

Please do not remove any of the above photos without permission.  They photos were taken from my personal collection.


Titanic cast when they are not working...

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Scott and Danielle Nicole Pratt

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Scott and Kay Walby outside the Orpheum Theatre
San Francisco, CA August 5, 2000

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Christine Long, Stacy Morgain Lewis and Scott
Drive-thru of Taco Bell

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Cast and Crew in Spokane, WA

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Scott on the bus

All photos above were loaned to me by Scott (except the SF photo which is from my private collection).  Please do not remove any without permission.

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