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 Mr. & Mrs George Widener
(first Class Passengers)

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Scott and Jody Gelb (1st B'way Mrs. Widener)

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     Scott and Christa Justus (2nd B'way Mrs. Widener)

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'First Class Gentlemen'
Isadore Strauss - Larry Keith
 Benjamin Guggenheim - Joseph Kolinski
George Widener - Scott
John B. Thayer - John Jellison

3rd Officer Herbert J. Pitman

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Christa Justus, Scott and Catlin Clark as Charlotte Cardoza
(in the background Drew McVety and Emily Losser)


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Pippa Peartree as Bellboy and Scott

The Major

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Etches & Carlson

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John Jellison, Robyn Erwin, Scott and Marla Schaffel


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 Larry Keith, Mindy Cooper, Scott and Alma Cuervo

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Jennifer Piech, Scott and Catlin Clark
on the 'Continental Regatta' Sept. 1998

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Scott and Marla Schaffel

Please do not remove any of these photos without permission.  They are personal photos, not public and were loaned to me by Scott for use on this site.

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